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DC FanDome: Trailers and Mini-Reviews

Yesterday, DC took over the film world by having an online convention showcasing all of their upcoming projects. In this post, I will show off all of the official movie trailers they released, as well as give my quick thoughts on them.

Wonder Woman 1984
As a fan of the first film, Wonder Woman, I did not need a trailer to already be excited about this sequel. However, this is a very fun trailer that gives us a better look into the importance of the setting as well as the role that Kristen Wiig’s character, Cheetah, will play. There is a lot of fun to be had, especially with the last clip of the different outfits worn in the 1980s, which is something that is needed when we get back into the cinema. A few hours whisked away with these characters? Yes please.

The Suicide Squad
Unlike the trailer for Wonder Woman 1984, this first look at The Suicide Squad is simply a montage of all the characters that are to appear in the movie. Quite simply, what a cast. In fact, I almost worry that it is too much of a cast and there won’t be a balance for a cohesive story. However, the only reason I have confidence in this working is because of James Gunn directing, someone that took what could have been overwhelming with the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise and made it work. I trust him to do the same here, and I think he has also nailed the tone. Harley Quinn has never looked so good.

Justice League: The Snyder Cut
I did not like Justice League when it released. I did not like the idea of the Snyder Cut existing. Sadly, this trailer has yet to convince me that I should be excited about it. Whilst I still plan to give the four-hour story a shot here in hopes that there is an improvement, I am also hoping they tidy up the CGI before then. It may be exciting to see Dark Seid placed right at the start to get fans hyped up, but I right now hate how he looks. I have faith in the team to fix this up and I will give this a shot, but I cannot say I am hyped for the Snyder Cut.

Black Adam
If anything, this trailer simply impressed me with how captivating concept art can be to entice an audience and give a sense of what a film is going to look like. Nowadays, film trailers feel so heavy on spoilers and showing too much footage. It is almost more engaging to see this, a trailer that explains the existence of Black Adam and his origin story with gorgeous illustrations shown throughout of what could feature in the film. Whilst this seems to be in early production, I am extremely excited to see how this turns out.

The Batman
It only made sense for DC to close out their show with what is the most anticipated project of theirs, Matt Reeves’ The Batman. Without any exaggeration, this trailer has now made The Batman my most anticipated film of the next year. This is how you do a trailer. Give a hint at the story, but not too much. Set a tone and expectation for the audience, and showcase how captivating the characters and performances are. To anyone that has doubted Robert Pattinson’s career over the past few years, may you doubt no more. This is the real deal.

I would like to congratulate DC for the fantastic show they hosted, as well as giving us some great content to keep us going right now. It is honestly great to see them get this level of buzz, especially with the bumpy road they had to get here. Here’s to getting to see these movies soon and being as good as their trailers make out to be.

What was your favourite trailer of the bunch? Is there any projects you are disappointed by as of right now? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section and let’s have a discussion.

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