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London Film Festival 2020: Top Five Feature Films

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At this year’s London Film Festival, I covered 22 feature films. For the fact that I had to miss the cinema releases, such as Soul, missing out on the screener for Nomadland and had issues watching Kajillionaire, I am impressed with how many films I watched. Not only that, but even with missing a lot of the majorly hyped films, there was so much good quality at this festival. What surprised me was the films that ended up making my top five list.

So, without further ado, here are my top five feature films of the festival (which reviews of every single film linked in the title.

Herself (2020)

5. Herself

This is a film that I went in completely blind for and had no expectation, but the story really made an impact on me. From the filmmaking to the wonderful performances, if you have not heard of this one yet then put it on your list when it releases in cinemas.

Mangrove (2020)

4. Mangrove

In contrast to my previous pick, Mangrove was my most anticipated film of the festival, and it is hard to not get excited about a Steve McQueen project. This is powerful, with wonderful writing and performances all the way round. It takes a little bit to build up, but the impact is worth every minute of it.

New Order (2020)

3. New Order (Nuevo Orden) – review coming soon

Whilst I knew it won the Silver Lion at the Venice Film Festival, I did not expect this story to make the impact that it made for me. This is the most controversial film out of the list, but the story worked and I appreciated how bold Franco was being with this narrative and use of editing. It was striking and daring, and the narrative made me shocked constantly throughout the film.

Wolfwalkers (2020)

2. Wolfwalkers

Soul was not the only animated feature film showed at this festival, and I simply want more people to continue talking about Wolfwalkers. The hand-drawn animation style is beautiful, the world-building goes way beyond what I expected from this film and the story is so compelling for any age. There is not just one contender for Best Animated Feature this year.

Another Round (2020)

1. Another Round (Druk)

This has been the film of the festival for many people, and that includes myself. It won the Feature Film Audience Award at the London Film Festival, and it ended up being the only film that I gave a perfect five-star rating to. The humour, the characters, the emotion, I was not expecting a film about alcohol to impact me the way that this one did, much less at 8:45 in the morning. This has the best closing scene of any film in 2020 and I highly encourage everyone to check this one out. You will not regret it.

What did you make of my list? What was your favourite film at the festival? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section and let’s have a discussion.

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