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Raindance Film Festival 2020

Raindance Festival 2020

Coming off the blocks from the London Film Festival coverage, I have only given myself a short break as I prepare to cover the Raindance Film Festival 2020. This is another UK-based film festival, but more focused on the independent films that people may not be aware of right now.

As of right now, I have three films that I am watching and reviewing specifically for InSession Film, who are once again generous enough to let me cover the festival for their site. These are the big three films from the festival: Stardust (the David Bowie bio-pic starring Johnny Flynn), Nuclear (starring 1917‘s George McKay), and Here Are The Young Men (starring the other 1917 lead Dean-Charles Chapman, alongside Anya Taylor-Joy and the star of Sing Street, Ferdia Walsh-Peelo).

I am not going to push myself to watch as many films during Raindance Film Festival as I did for the London Film Festival. I have a chance of going back to work during this festival, I want to focus on other aspects I am bringing to this website, and my university work is quickly picking up the pace. I will be happy to watch 12-15 films during this festival, and using this time to highlight films here that deserve more recognition when they officially release in the cinemas or on streaming.

To keep an eye on the film festival coverage for Raindance, click here and I hope to be reporting some fantastic films to you over the next two weeks.

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