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The Steelbook Tag

Most film fans will have some sort of physical collections of movies. It can be DVDs that are a bargain from the pound shop, the most prestigious list of Criterions or just a mix of all sorts of DVDs, Blu-Rays and 4Ks that people love. I do have a pile of Blu-Rays and box sets, but there is one format of film collecting that I simply love: steelbooks. Yes, it is expensive to collect in this format. However, the boxes are stunning, the film comes in the highest quality possible and there are also extras that are worth buying the disc for regardless.

Many people I know on Twitter love to see when I get a new steelbook in, and come to me when there is a great deal going on at Zavvi or HMV. I decided it would be a fun idea to start a steelbook tag, where I answer a bunch of questions regarding my steelbook collection and share some of my favourites with you, and show what my process was of collecting them.

Without further ado, this is The Steelbook Tag.

1. What was the first steelbook you bought?
The first steelbook that I bought was for La La Land, which I doubt will surprise anyone. Not only is this a stunning steelbook, but this film released when I had started to truly develop my love for films and wanted to start owning some of my favourites on physical copy.

2. What was the most expensive steelbook you bought?
If this is only counting one single steelbook, then my answer to this is the Avengers: Endgame Collectors Edition steelbook set. Yes, it does come with other content such as pins, postcards etc., but it still cost £70 for the entire set.

3. What steelbooks did you get for a good price?
You can usually get some fantastic steelbook deals at CEX, and this one was easily the best of the lot. For the price of £12, I got the entire collection of The Hunger Games on one gorgeous steelbook, alongside the 3D magnetic lenticular that came with it. This was a purchase I was incredibly pleased with.

4. What is your favourite film that you own on steelbook?
I actually only just got this film on steelbook a month or so ago, but my favourite film is Back to the Future. When I had a chance to snap this trilogy up on steelbook for the 35th anniversary of the first film, I had to get them.

5. What steelbooks do you own that you haven’t watched yet?
I do own a few steelbooks, which were cheap purchases from CEX, that I haven’t watched yet. These are Passengers and Your Name, which I do plan on getting around to watching in 2021.

6. What is your favourite steelbook based on design?
This one is simple. Look at the photo above for the Battle Royale steelbook and tell me that is not a stunning design. The inside of the steelbook is also incredibly well thought out, using the class photo. Yeah, this one was no competition.

7. What was your most recent steelbook purchase?
Because it was Black Friday sales, I treated myself to two steelbooks from HMV. I bought the Japanese cover of Jaws, as well as the steelbook for Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood.

8. Is there a particular steelbook that you are keeping your eye on?
The one steelbook that stands out to me right now in terms of design (as well as being a fantastic film) is Knives Out, and I would love to grab a copy of it from somewhere.

9. Where do you most frequently buy your steelbooks?
I go to numerous places to buy my steelbooks. If it is for new releases, I mostly go for Zavvi as they do great deals and usually have the exclusives. If I am just looking for some older steelbooks at a good price, then I head to my local CEX and buy them from there.

10. How do you store and organise your steelbooks?
I keep my steelbooks on my book shelf, and they are slowly taking over all of the space that I have for my books. I organise them by alphabetical order, which makes it easy for me to find which film I want to grab. The spines for the most part look nice, but there are a few that are missing titles or have to be flipped upside-down to look the part.

If anyone wants to take on the steelbook challenge, I highly encourage you to do so. These questions can also be changed to fit whatever you own, from standard Blu-Rays to Criterions. I hope you enjoyed this look into my steelbooks.

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