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Top Ten Most Anticipated Films of 2021

We are finally getting into 2021, and it feels weirder than ever to be doing a Most Anticipated list for this year. Considering how 2020 went, there are a few films that should have been released that I am once again including in the 2021 list. However, there is so much great content to look forward to and, with the hope that we will be vaccinated and back in cinemas in the near future, hopefully all of these films will be shown this year.

Note: there are some upcoming films such as Promising Young Woman and Another Round that I have already seen, so I am not needing to anticipate their release. I am also basing this list using what is officially scheduled on IMDb for the UK as a basis, meaning films that may also come out in 2021 such as The French Dispatch and Babylon will not appear on this list.

Here are my top ten most anticipated films of 2021.

10. Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings: I have to admit, it is hard to get excited about any of the MCU films this year due to the lack of footage we have had for the films and the fact that there has been an 18-month gap already since the last film. However, I am still looking forward to seeing what they do with a character such as Shang-Chi and how it will work within the MCU.

9. A Quiet Place: Part II: we were so close to getting this film last year, to the point that several critics actually got to see the film and give its praises to what they saw. That only made me even more excited to see this one – hopefully in a packed cinema.

8. Space Jam: A New Legacy: out of every film in this list, this is the one that is based on nostalgia rather than anything else. You already know I am throwing on my Space Jam basketball jersey when I finally get to check this film out.

7. Judas and the Black Messiah: from that incredible trailer to Daniel Kaluuya and Lakeith Stanfield starring, it’s no wonder why many people have been discussing this film for the past few months.

6. Luca: Pixar has recently been on a hot streak and this film just looks stunning from the concept art alone. This is a film I can basically guarantee will be great.

5. Dune: I don’t think I really need to explain this one. The cast, the director, the visuals, the music, that trailer. Yeah, I’m excited.

4. In the Heights: Lin-Manuel Miranda stole the summer of 2020 with Hamilton and I am ready for his other major musical, In the Heights, to do the same in film form.

3. The King’s Man: this was my most anticipated film of 2020 and I still cannot believe we have not had the chance to see it yet. I will continue to wait as we get what looks to be another fantastic flick in the Kingsman franchise.

2. Sound of Metal: this has made it so high as number two on this list because of the word from the US about this film. After seeing one great Riz Ahmed performance in 2020 with Mogul Mowgli, I am eager to see how great he is in Sound of Metal.

1. Nomadland: I tried to see this film at the London Film Festival and was unsuccessful. I missed the chance to see this film when it showed at Inverness Film Festival. I am still waiting to get my hands on this film and I just need it in my life now.

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