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Awards Season 2021: SAG Nominations Reaction

The SAG Award nominations have just been revealed and despite the smaller amount of categories in the show, there is a lot to unpack. Here are my initial thoughts.

Minari Love

The SAG AFTRA clearly love Minari as the film got three nominations: Ensemble, Lead Actor and Supporting Actress. The Ensemble win is what pushed Parasite to the front of the race, so it will be interesting to see if Minari can do the same here.

Da 5 Bloods Confusion

Yesterday, no nominations were given to Da 5 Bloods for the Golden Globes. Today, it got two in Ensemble and Supporting Actor for Chadwick. Yet, there is still no love for Delroy Lindo and he was supposed to be the favourite out of that film to do well. It is safe to say that there is going to be a lack of consensus when it comes to predicting this film going forward.

SAG AFTRA Loves The Trial of the Chicago 7

It was no surprise that the SAG AFTRA gave nominations to The Trial of the Chicago 7 for Ensemble and Supporting Actor for Sacha Baron Cohen. However, they also gave the film a nomination for Stunt. That seems really strange, considering they left TENET off the list, but perhaps this shows the passion behind the film in the SAG AFTRA voting body?

Hillbilly Elegy Strikes

As much as many people chose not to predict because of their own opinions (I feel slightly guilty of this), Glenn Close and Amy Adams got nominated for Hillbilly Elegy. We have to consider them both getting in, given their status and love for nominations – even though I don’t want them to both go through another loss.

Those Supporting Actor/Actress Nominations

You know which two I am talking about. We need to start having a conversation about Helena Zengel for News of the World and Jared Leto for The Little Things getting in for the Oscars. I will be happy if Zengel gets in and the Academy recognises child actors once again, but the word from critics makes me wonder about the Leto nomination.

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