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Glasgow Film Festival 2021: My Coverage and Top Ten Anticipated Films

This year, I have been fortunate enough to be given a press pass for the 2021 Glasgow Film Festival, and I cannot wait to share with everyone how Scotland hosts a festival. With some titles that I have been anticipating for months now, this looks to be a great show.

In total, I plan to cover up to 40 films during this two-week festival. Within that, there are already a few I have seen and a couple more I already have access to. The structure of the press screenings not only allows me to make a timetable that allows me to see so many films, but one that I won’t burn out of due to the embargo times for the premieres.

Upload Schedule

I plan to be writing full reviews over on numerous platforms, including InSession Film and Scratch Cinema. Whilst I will be watching films from Monday on the Press Portal, all reviews are embargoed until their official premiere, marking the start of reviews and online content on the 25th of February.

In terms of Film For Thought, I will be uploading one daily post for every day that I watch a collection of films. During some of the weekends, there are fewer films showing, so those posts will be collated into one big daily update.

Every review I write will also be available on Letterboxd. For films I do not fully review during the festival, I will give full reviews nearer the official UK release of the film.

If you are looking for somebody for your publication to cover the 2021 Glasgow Film Festival, email me:

Top Ten Most Anticipated

I want to spend this time giving a quick insight into what films I am excited to watch, by listing my top ten most anticipated films. I will not be listing films I have already seen, such as Minari and The Mauritanian.

1. Black Bear
2. Jumbo
3. Da Capo
4. Cowboys
5. Poppy Field
6. Riders of Justice
7. Underplayed
8. Apples
9. Preparations to be Together for an Unknown Period of Time
10. Gagarine

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