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Awards Season 2021: Golden Globes Reaction

Well, I am not sure predicted the events that happened at the Golden Globes last night. Whilst many people seemed to get a lot right on the TV side of things, the Film categories were a mess. I ended up only predicting six correctly, and they were the most obvious ones like Director and Screenplay. Regardless, there is a lot to discuss and I am here to break down the big events of the 2021 Golden Globes and how they impact awards season.

Actors Categories are Locks

If there was a place to reward anyone other than Chadwick Boseman and Daniel Kaluuya, it would have been the Golden Globes. They would have been the body to give a push for Anthony Hopkins in The Father, or to choose Sacha Baron Cohen’s dramatic performance over his comedic one. Instead, Boseman and Kaluuya won the night and have both started their pathway to the Oscar. To me, it seems undeniable that both of them are getting the Oscar.

What is up with the Actress Categories

In contrast, the Actress categories are up in the air. Maria Bakalova could not even win Actress in a Comedy/Musical when she is meant to be the favourite for Best Supporting Actress, being beaten by Rosamund Pike for I Care a Lot. On top of that, the winners of Best Actress in a Drama (Andra Day in The United States vs Billie Holiday) and Best Supporting Actress (Jodie Foster in The Mauritanian) did not even qualify for the SAG awards, making this race incredibly hard to predict. They may now have secured the final spot in the Oscar line-up, but is it enough of a push without some other precursors to secure a win?

It’s Chloe Zhao’s World

For only the second time in Golden Globe history, a woman has taken home the Best Director prize, thanks to Chloe Zhao’s Nomadland. Also taking home the Globe for Best Drama, it is continuing the steamroll the season and has made itself even more clear as the Best Picture winner. Right now, it would be stupid to bet against it.

Globe-less Mank and Promising Young Woman

Despite the large amount of nominations both films got, Mank and Promising Young Woman both left with no wins. Whilst I predicted this for Mank, given that it is more of a crafts film that is going to walk away with numerous technical awards at the Oscars, the same can’t be said for Promising Young Woman, where its best chances are with Carey Mulligan. Whilst it is still early days for both of these films, they have to hope to take an award sooner rather than later.

The next major awards, the Critics Choice Awards, are to take place next week.

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