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Awards Season 2021: FYC – Sound of Metal

During the voting period of the Oscar nominations (Fri 5 – Wed 10 March), I will be putting out FYC campaigns for what films Academy members should be giving a watch and who they should be considering giving a nomination for.

Today’s FYC push: Sound of Metal

Note: I will not be talking about the Best Sound and Best Actor categories, as Sound of Metal is not needing a push in those particular categories for nominations. This FYC push will focus on other categories that the film should be considered for.

Best Original Song: Green

When the shortlist for the Best Original Song category was revealed, it was nice to see “Green” listed. It was a song that wasn’t getting much notice, and I certainly didn’t predict it to get into the shortlist. However, that shortlist means that the Academy is focusing on Sound of Metal and listening back to the song, I definitely think it deserves a nomination this year.

The song is strong by itself, a beautiful tone to it that still has a hint of hardness that runs through the music in the entire film. It fits in perfectly with the themes of the film, as well as just being a strong song in itself. Out of every song listed, it is the one I would certainly listen to outside of the film soundtrack.

However, it is an important song for the film as it plays at the end of the film and into the closing credits. Talking about the visions of green fields in the distance and the heightened senses, the song presents itself as an optimistic look at the future for our leading character as he is out in the open and making his own journey once again, appreciating the surrounding.

If it was not shortlisted in the category to begin, I would not have even considered pushing this for the FYC. However, it did beat out predicted songs to even make it onto the list and that passion means that there is a chance it could get nominated. The song is available to listen to on YouTube, so stick it on and appreciate how strong it is.

Best Supporting Actor: Paul Raci

It was clear from many of the critics groups that happened over the past few months that there was a strong favourite performance for the year – Paul Raci. It is easy to see why so many people were drawn to his performance, as it was one that was subtle but also with such a strong level of difficulty. I would love to see his work honoured with a nomination on Monday.

The casting for Raci was perfect, especially considering his personal life. He was raised the hearing son of deaf parents, keeping a sense of authenticity to the role of this leader to Riz Ahmed’s character who has to adapt to being deaf. That mentor relationship is developed quickly, and Raci sells it from the first moment we see him on screen.

A nomination for Raci here will not just honour the work that he does, but to highlight the importance of honest casting. A performance like this only works as well as it does with Raci because of his experience, because of his knowledge of American Sign Language, because of the level of communication he can bring on set and through the screen. When we see things like this happening, we should reward them and encourage it to continue happening.

Best Supporting Actress: Olivia Cooke

In contrast to the love I have seen Paul Raci get, I have seen little mention of Olivia Cooke. Whilst this is a crazy year for Best Supporting Actress and anything can and will happen on nomination day, it still is a hard ask to make the Academy pay attention to Cooke. However, I am willing to push and try and get my views across to even a few people.

Olivia Cooke has been an actress that I have loved seeing over the past few years. Taking on a large variety of roles, from Ready Player One to Pixie, she is someone that is just captivating on screen. Her role in Sound of Metal playing opposite Riz Ahmed is no different, as she is able to hold herself and give just as strong a performance as the other two.

There is a chunk of the film that she is not in, which does impact her screentime and presence. However, she is vital to the story and to the journey that the characters all go through, and she has one incredibly emotional journey as well. Even though some of it is off screen, the journey is believable when we get back to her.

As I stated before, Best Supporting Actress is really up in the air. Different people are winning, none of the favourites are doing too well and everyone has gaps in their line-up. Whilst I know it is too much to ask to give a push to someone that has been missing all awards season, I invite you the prospect of nominating Olivia Cooke and showing that it was not just the two men who gave great performances in this film.

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