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A Look into the Future

As you all can possibly tell looking at the posts from this website, I have become quite inactive. In all honestly, this summer has worn me out in so many ways. Working numerous jobs, dealing with the impact of the pandemic over the last year, trying to get back into writing and maintaining some form of schedule, has all burned me out.

I have spent the last six months trying to figure out where my life was going, but I now find myself back to this sit. My own place and my own voice. I’m not ready to declare a set date or time yet, but I am back and ready to write on my own website.

I have four amazing podcast episodes recorded and will be releasing them soon. I have Oscar predictions to put out and I am ready to be emotionally invested in this upcoming year’s award season (even if I burn myself out purely trying to push for Bradley Cooper’s Oscar). I have festivals that I am attending from as early as next week with TIFF and will be ready to once again share my love of movies with everyone. I want to bring back The Ultimate Choice again, and get you all to have your voices heard loud and clear and ultimately celebrate cinema.

It won’t be as frequent as it was last year, that’s for sure. However, after months of burning away for jobs that became unfulfilling and wondering where my passion for film went, I am back.




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